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Practice Begins July 30th - "What You Need To Know"

Practice Begins July 30th.

What you need to know...

First day of summer practice will begin in Mid July (date to be announced). Our first week of practice will be at Glenfield Park 35 Maple Avenue, Montclair. You must be registered to participate. For week one, all you need is shorts, T's and cleats. We will be conditioning and getting acclimated to the temperatures. We will prepare to go to uppers for week two and practice in helmets. We hope to in full gear by week three. All players should have a mouthpiece. It can be worn as soon as you have it.

Practice is scheduled as follows - Mon - Friday 6pm - 8:pm.

When School begins after game 1, the school schedule is as follows - Tue - Thurs 5:30p - 7p/ Sat 9am - 11am. All games are on Sundays. Our schedule will be posted soon.